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Who We Are

Hi from Cath and Bec. 

All our beautiful items are sewn in a smoke-free home studio in Australia. Operating previously as "Created by Cath" and "The Decorative Towel and more" On Ebay. Now offering our finished work at Ebay-  Creating Quality Home Crafts.

Cath has over 7 years of creating, decorating and selling online, means excellent customer service and a quality finished product for you.

For those previous customers that know me, as Cath, (Created by Cath) As of August 2015, I now have a sewing partner! 

         Introducing Bec. :)

Bec is a dedicated worker with a eye for perfection. Together we sew luxury home crafted items.  These include Decorative plastic bag holders and door draft stopper/door sausage covers/draught excluder covers, filled door snakes, decorative towels and face washers, hanging Kitchen towels and gift sets.


Our customers are valued and we have worldwide repeat custom. Thank-you to everyone for your support and interest in our quality handmade items. 

Online Store at Ebay- Creating Quality Home Crafts,  has our current home-craft items available for purchase.

Enjoy looking at past and present creations in the Flickr Gallery. 

Please "Like" me and post to Facebook to spread the beauty..........:)